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In a simple step by step process you will learn:

How you can create videos better than you imagined possible, starting today, even if you have zero experience.

What one thing is at least as important as your image quality in any video.

5 key fundamentals you need to get clear on, even before you shoot your first frame.

How you probably already have everything you need to get started making videos.

If you're going to spend money on equipment, what to buy and what to forget (for now, at least!).

Fantastic free tools you can use for even better results from your videos.

Also create:

To-Camera Videos

How to get incredible results - from your phone! 

Non-techie ways to get the best image and sound quality.

Screen Capture Videos

How you can create videos using just your computer (no camera, no lights, no phone needed)!

Perfect for the classroom for teaching and training and for showing off your software.

Animated Videos

With an emphasis on the increasingly popular whiteboard or doodle animation.

Let's hear from satisfied students of EliteVideoCreation101...

Ever since I took Ozzy's EliteVideoCreation101 course, the quality of my video making has been top-notch. My clients relate better to what I explain in my videos.

The main thing I like about EliteVideoCreation101 is Ozzy's step-by-step approach, where he actually demonstrates what he is doing.


Finding my way to working with Ozzy has been nothing short of amazing! He is one of the most down to earth people I've ever met.'s like he's been a friend for many years. 
I love his approach with teaching and helping people as it comes from his heart and he wants to keep it simple, fun and meaningful. 


I'm not a techie person nor have I ever made a video before. In fact I did not know ANYTHING about making videos prior to taking Ozzy's course.

Ozzy's video class is detailed and in depth in all the right ways. I followed along well and was never lost, while at the same time receiving invaluable information. 


Now you've heard what the wonderful folks who have been through the course have to say...

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are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video*

increase in conversions by including a video on your landing page*

of purchasers said video helped them in making their decision*

*Source: Hubspot

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